Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I already posted this on my facebook account sometime last year. I chanced on this survey, got interested on it and so I took.

The question is what are my top 5 birthday wishes. Since wish naman siya, I gave an answer and some of them eh may kahirapan sa pagtupad.

1. I want to go to Tokyo and northern Japan when spring comes. During this time, cherry blossoms bloom and cover the pavements with its petals. Of course, I want to be with my significant other.

2. A sky dive on the vast land of Australia, have a picture with the koalas and kroos. Someone even promised me to try this with me.

3. I want to fly to New York and have a bite with the big apple.

4. I want a latest camera on my birthday. See? I'm a travel bug. I want to see the world and i want to put them into printed memories so in later time, I can go back and look how far I have gone.

5. This is the most important on my wishes. It's a ring, a wedding ring. And there in the description, I put the word YOU.

I'll be turning 24 in the next few months. Though I'm not in the rush of searching YOU, I'm not closing my doors of finding her soon. Besides, I'm enjoying on my current status, single.


  1. Single and ready to spread around! Hahaha sige ikaw na biyahero puntahan mo na lahat yan at balitaan mo kami

  2. @glentot: oo ako na ang byahero. hehe. yan ang isa sa mga perks ng maging single. haha!

    @chingoy: sama lang ng sama! game! :)

  3. hay kainis. na-remind akong single ako tsk-tsk

  4. im happy being single : ) may bday wish / plan din ako... on my 27th bday gusto ko mag beach mag ISA as in Alone, ewan ko ba basta plano ko yan nun 21 pa lng sana matupad.


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