Tuesday, March 9, 2010


A view of the sunset from where I seated.

H block is my new home away from home. It's my new place to test my wits, to grow my career, and to earn for a living.

I transferred here last year. Sabi nga nila, isang malaking pagbabago ulit ang kakaharapin ko. That's why when I came here, I was looking for a comfortable place to fit it. It's not only the view on the outside but also the people I'm going to interact with during my entire stay.

H Block is as cold as Siberia. We have the coldest place in the office. A jacket is a must, or else you'll end up having pneumonia. Possibly because the block is quite smaller than with the rest blocks in the office. Also, we're only a few residing in this block.

H Block is facing the west direction so the view of the sunset is quite a catch. Around 5:30 in the afternoon, we pull up the blinds to witness the nature's stunning beauty.

During late nights (my shift ends 'til midnight), our colleagues gather around the area. We do few harutan or chismis just to relieve the stress. A few munches also available kaya siguro dinudumog yung block namin.

As part of the new beginning, this place will be a witness of my growth and working with these new people tells me that I don't only have to go to the office to earn money.


  1. patay ka brod... pag nabasa to ng boss mo, di ka susuweldohan hahaha

  2. Wala akong ginagawang masama! wala! wala! wala! haha!

  3. 24, marami pang mangyayari sa yo. stepping stone mo lang siguro yan kaya enjoy every moment. at kung nakaka-stress ang ilang moments, juice up the experience lang para ma-reveal ang strengths mo. babalikan mo lahat yan knowing that you matured every step of the way. hay, ako lang ang dinidiscuss ko hahaha

  4. Parang alam ko yang H-Block na yan' parang malapit lng sa ofc : D'

  5. oo yan ang tatak ng touch screen comp ko haha

  6. @Random: wala naman akong sinabing brand dito ah? hehe. anyway, yeap this is really my stepping stone towards what i want. goodluck sa atin! :)

    @ahmer: saan? hehehe

  7. huli. binuking ang sarili haha! tamang hinala lang hehe


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