Friday, June 24, 2011


In the advent of social networks, it's been very easy to communicate with your friends. With just few clicks and taps on your mobile and computers, a message is sent. I was eager to use when I had my first hand with the so called Twitter and Facebook. It feels so good to be part of the virtual network.

These applications play an essential part on our daily lives. Some people would check MMDA's tweets before leaving to office, some would check-in along EDSA or to check online newspapers. Some would open first their twitter rather than their work emails. Some would shout out that they are sooo late or wasn't able to sleep at all. Okay, I am partially guilty.

But recently, these things going on are paving out my usual daily routine. My usual fad has now become a distraction (that's one of the reasons why I laid some of them six feet below).

However, I want to picture out the bigger picture here. We are now forgetting the importance of communicating personally. We laugh at those funny tweets and send virtual hugs for those who are in pain and sorrow, but do they see and feel our laughter and compassion?

Why not start something in the morning like instead of tweeting that you're having a hearty breakfast in Starbucks, ask one of your friends or colleagues to join you and share a cup of coffee?