Monday, March 1, 2010


The day I met you, I felt surreal. It was unexplainable. The emotion I had was so right. Thus I jump in without thinking.

It will be nine months since we parted. It was the worst heartbreak I ever had.

Though it's really tough to face the reality, I have to accept it. It was long ago since I thought that already get through it.

But I don't know why when every time I wake up in the morning, every time I have my breakfast, lunch and dinner, every time I'm on my way home after office, every time I go to sleep, I always think of you.

Yes, I still cry sometimes under my pillows. I miss you a lot. I'm thinking if things turned to be alright between us, would I have the chance to pick you up at the airport every time you have a homecoming? Would we still have the chance to eat in a Japanese restaurant? Would there be a chance that I will cook a dinner for the two of us? Would there be a chance that I can cuddle you until daylight? Would there be chance that I'm still going to call you every morning and wake you up or else you'll be late for work?

What if you chose me, do we still have the chance of walking around a road full of cherry blossoms holding each other's hand? Would we still have the chance to get married in oz and take skydive there?

I thought I moved on already. But why I'm still stuck here? Why my heart still beats your name? Why do I still cry thinking of you? Why I can't just move on and forget you? Why do I still think of you?

I don't know if I'm still sane but I still love you that much… and as promised, I will still love you, only from afar.


  1. napagdaanan ko rin ang ganitong feeling...

    bro... moving on is a choice... cheer up!

  2. thanks chingoy. kala ko kasi naka-recover na ako, pero nung nakita ko mga pictures naming dalawa eh nag-breakdown nanaman ako.

    it's like a vicious cycle na paikot ikot na lang ako.

  3. i inom naten Andy' haha, Cheer Up!
    Everybody deserves to be happy : D

  4. @ahmer: hehe tara inom na lang. thanks, i feel better now kasi may mga pinagkakaabalahan na ako like my work :)

  5. cherry blossoms? nag-Japan or Korea ba kayo? Koreana ata yan hehe -- (myblog)


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