Monday, March 22, 2010


I am really getting bothered with my sleeping habits. It is already six in the morning and I'm still wide awake. I already tried every lane of my bed but still I can't find the road to dreamland. What even bothers me more, it's Monday and I'll be working 'til midnight.

Since, I don't want to get idle, I resorted to make kwento how my weekend went. This is just my hangover. I cannot think of any good post, writer's block huh?

I woke up Saturday afternoon. Wanting to go out of my apartment while there's still the sun in the horizon, I went online to invite someone for a dinner -err breakfast or have some coffee. There I found Glentot on facebook. We met for a coffee until the whole gang arrived, as usual, Jepoy's late.

Though my weekend was a blur, I still enjoyed the company of my friends- Jepoy, Glentot, YJ, and Citybuoy. Stories shared over a cup of coffee plus the spirit of san mig light were enough to cap off the week. Around 3 in the morning, we decided to go separate ways.

Then yesterday, I went out to see The Book of Eli on the big screen, which Glentot recommended. How loser am I to watch alone. It's a good movie; it talked about greed of power. The story was simple. Eli has this book and it's the only copy left after the war. And there's this villain who's searching for this book and at all cost, he did everything just to get it- he slayed and tortured people. He thinks that this will give him the power to rule the land. And in the end, he found out that this book was written in Braille and he can't read it.

Anyway, I'm not really good in doing a movie review. I don't to spoil the story and I want the audience to ruminate on how the story unfolds.

There, I'm done with this post and good enough, I can already see zzzzzland.



  1. Tangina! Isang txt lang ako sa panonood ng mubi. SUsme! Basta sa MOA LOL

    YOu know we should be doing more interesting conversation like what we did last weekend, shit na hahawa ako napapaenglish tuloy me.

    God Bless!

  2. Bidang bida naman ako sa post na ito???

    At ayaw mo pa i-spoil nyan eh halos knwento mo na ehehhehehehe o kitakits daw uli sabi ni jepoy

  3. it only scored 45% on the rotten tomato rating..i am having second thoughts in watching it

  4. spoiler!!!!

    oh well, di ko rin naman papanuorin yan ehheeh

  5. tutoo spoiler tsk tsk. sabi nila pag di makatulog in love. or sadyang adik. sino ba nagsabi sa kin na uminom daw ng mainit na gatas? basta ganun daw. -- (myblog)

  6. oy poy star quality na level nyo ni glentot. iniinvade nyo na post ni andy. ayan di makatulog.

  7. ...Can't sleep? drink a glass of wine'
    I had 2 glasses last night : )
    ...I saw a lot of movies by myself before'
    I really wanted to be by myself sometimes.
    ...I think It's an excellent post!
    It's not one story, It's millions : D *Bravo*

  8. @Jepoy: i know, right? like we should speak in our native tongue. nyahaha! inuman ulet? :D

    @Glentot: masyado kang nagfi-feeling na ikaw bida! ako ang bida dito! hmpf!

    @Dhon: dali panoorin mo din. :)

  9. @Chingoy: spoiler? Whatever! di ka sumama nung saBEERday! nyahahaha!

    @Random: in love? eh wala nga eh. hayz... :(

    @Random (ulit): di ka mahilig mag-comment no? at isa ka pa ha? di bida yung itlog na yun! ako ang bida! hmpf! :D

    @Ahmer: hay di kaya maging alcoholic ako nyan sa suggestion mo? hehe. :D

  10. Expert says a glass or two of wine is good' 'though, is not for everyone. *pinatulan* haha : D

  11. @ahmer: sige, dalhan mo na ako ng wine dito sa office para makatulog na ako ng tuluyan. haha! :D

  12. what do you want... red or white? sweet or hard? : D

  13. @ahmer: i want red and sweet (parang ako lang). when will i be expecting this bottle of sweet red wine to arrive? hahaha!

  14. Okay sir, ipapa-deliver ko na lang. COD! Hahaha : D

  15. @ahmer: may bayad? iyo na! hmpf! hehehe!

  16. i enjoyed your company too! sorry about my little slip. :-S

  17. @citybuoy: nyahaha! no worries! sa uulitin yung inuman :)

  18. Ahahahahahahahhahaha... marami pala tayong toxic... jijijiji ako... dedicated lang siguro sa work at mukhang nagpapakamatay na sa sked... jijijijijiji... I must agree with ahmer... wine is good! no, it's great! for a starter sweet red wine is preferred...


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