Monday, March 8, 2010


When a thing comes to an end, there comes a new beginning.

Today, I officially deleted my other blog. I don't know if I should call it my blog. I got a feeling that it's not me who's writing on those posts anymore. Pakiramdam ko kasi, hindi na ako yung dating sarili ko. I think I lost him sometime last year and he didn't make a return yet.

Therefore, I braved to cross the blog out.

Now that I am on my new abode, I will start a new beginning. Forget emoness. I cannot contain them already or else, I might get a cardiac arrest in the next few days if I continue to do so. Patawarin nyo na lang yung dalawang nauna kong post. It was the aftershock of the tragedy and unconsciously why I carried them in here.

Anyway, since I said I'll be starting all over again, I want to make this page as sappy as my old self. I'll try to make it light and will avoid shits (READ: TRY). Promise, ayoko na ng mabigat sa dibdib. Hehehe!

I will have a good start this time. Kaya mga pards, isang kampai para sa isang pagbabago.



  1. hmmm, isang tagay para kay Andy!

  2. just blog hopping..

    glad i found this one.


  3. Chingoy: tagayan na to!

    A. Angel: salamat sa pag-hop-hop ala bunny dito. add na din kita sa blogroll ko. :)

  4. asus level up ba ito? p'deng same level pero may clearer direction blog-wise. i know, i know i can relate. started with blogs na malayo sa ginagawa ko ngayon. i'm now content with one personal blog and a food blog (my art and pet puppy blogs are in limbo)

  5. Nag delete na din ako ng blog ko dati! same feeling same direction : D Apir!


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