Tuesday, October 26, 2010


"There's no harm in asking.
You're not dumb, you're resourceful instead."

i'm about to quit on one of my projects. hayup lang kasi stressful much sya. gustong-gusto ko na syang i-close pero pag nagbibigay ako ng reports sa client, padagdag naman ng padagdag ang kanilang requirements! argh!

buti na lang meron akong napagtatanungan at nahihingan ng tulog.

hayan, ok na ko. nailabas ko ang kinikimkim kong stress.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


"You're going to send him to college in Manila? Baka magbubulakbol lang yan! Magsasayang lang tayo ng pera sa kanya."

I was hurt. It's more painful to hear that statement coming from my dad. He didn't believe in my capacity, he compared me to my younger brother who is the intelligent one. My mom just told me to ignore him and just to keep my moral on high grounds.

I was an underdog when I was in grade school and as well in my high school years, the mediocre perhaps. In the ranking, I was always on the bottom of the list. On the other hand, my brother was always on the honor roll during those days. He graduated with flying colors both in grade school and high school. I know I already did a great effort to belong on the top section and contented with that while watching my brother marching into the stage receiving a handful of medals. Envy, it's what I felt.

The day I left to the city, I was wearing a heavy heart. I was at the brink of crying.

First year came along, a little bit hard fighting the homesickness. Second year, still managing to juggle all my school requirements. Third year and fourth year came along as heavy as what I expected.

But in those 4 years of being far away from them, I made it to the point that my dad will be proud of me as will march with pride and honor on that baccalaureate event. I will try to change my image as a dumb ass, lame and laid back student from his eyes.

That day came. I was wearing that glorious red toga with satisfaction. At last, they can now breathe that I was able to finish my college on time.

But that was not only my surprise for them. Yes, it was only that day that they have known of my "surprise."

And my dad hugged me so tight for the first time, teary eyed. It's not that I proved him wrong, I proved that I made it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tablet War

Gone are the days when the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word tablet is either the med or the tablet was used in The Ten Commandments.
This generation, the imagination of geniuses err... clever peeps... is unending. Thus, we have these new so-called tablets.

First, there was Apple iPad. Sleek. Accelerometer and touch screen features are par excellence.

Other computer companies envied the new tech baby, thus they came out with their own iPad-killers:

The controversial Blackberry Playbook. This new baby of Research in Motion believed that this gadget won't be as successful as the iPad.

Then there's the Galaxy Tab, Samsung's bigger version of their Galaxy mobile - same as the iPhone and the iPad tandem, but unlike Apple's sexy babies, Galaxy have both phone functionality (not that skype, yahoo calls).

And here's the latest and I am really drooling for it. No, I'm not bias just because I am working with Hewlett-Packard. This new hottie is really an eye-candy. Ok fine, I'm getting bias already. But what the heck, this tablet is superb! Multi-tasking, fully powered by Windows 7 (good thing that they didn't embed or made the Palm OS as the operating system - HP acquired Palm this year), camera, it's a laptop that you can hold and operate with just one hand. Powerful eh?

Now, I am sacking my Mac dream which I stated on my previous post. I am looking forward to buy this one in the future. Good thing, we have a good discount in purchasing HP products. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

QQ #02

Would you agree to add another 8 working hours on top of the normal 8 hours per day?
Would you agree to add additional workday/s on top of the normal 5 days a week?

What if I said "YES!", will you kill me?

I just wish that there will be 48 hours in a day so I can extend more time to finish my work. 24 hours is not enough and so with the 5 workdays.

Damn! I should love my job.

Nope, I am not ranting on my work. In fact, I'm enjoying how stressful it is, I am challenged. :)


As a reward, I need to get one of these for myself within 10 years. lol! *drools*

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Dahil na din sa di pa ako dinadalaw ng antok pagkagaling sa werk eh napagkatuwaan ko ng sunugin ang mga libro ko. Joke! Opkors not! Isa-isa ko na silang binabasa at impeyrness eh naaaliw ako sa mga to.
Currently, nasa bedside table ko ang Anansi Boys ni Neil Gaiman (idol na idol ko sya), prequel ito nung American Gods na gustong-gusto ko din. I really got hooked on this book kasi tumatawa ako pag binabasa ko sya. The humor is the same like watching a comedy.

Sana matapos ko na to sa medaling panahon kasi madami pa akong pending na books at hihiramin ko pa yung Neverwhere na napanalunan ni Glentot. Hihihi!

Pag di ko naman trip ang magbasa eh nandyan naman ang podcast at pinapakinggan ko hanggang makatulugan ko. I usually listen to Chico and Del's Morning Rush. Dahil nga sa sarap na sarap pa ako sa paghilik sabay pagkamot ng tyan eh di ko na sila napapakinggan halos isang taon na. Salamat na lang sa podcast na downloadable. You can also download them here c/o Blue Ritz (salamat!) at be ready na lang na tumawa mag-isa sa loob ng FX o MRT habang nakikinig.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I was busy browsing my Facebook account when one of my classmates buzzed me. We asked each other how we are and where we have been.

I learned that he's been part of the academe since we graduated college. See? It's only now that I knew of his job, poor boy Andy. He's been teaching in our high school alma mater for a couple of years already.

We exchanged stories on our own stuff and talked about our classmates. He told me also that a quite number of our class already left to search for greener pastures abroad. Some went to the Middle East to pursue their engineering profession, to the Europe and to the Americas as nurses, but most of us stayed here in the country. Some already got married, some are not but already have children. Some are still unemployed and just accept remittances from their parents working overseas.

Well, we are already far from what we were before but I can still remember the vivid memories of these great years. We cut classes because we don't want to attend our chemistry or English class and would rather take a dip on the river behind our school. A day after, all of us were summoned to the guidance counselor's office. We ate isaw on the peddler who stand just outside the school gate without worrying of any disease we might catch. Those were the great and carefree days.

an evidence of our "cutting classes" days

I'm wondering now if my classmates already achieved their dreams same as what was written in the epilogue of our yearbook. Most of us wanted to go abroad and work and I know that some of them did.

A month from this date, we will be having this alumni homecoming and my classmate is asking me to come. I'm not sure I'll be joining but I guess, this will be so much fun to reconnect with the folks that once became a part of my life.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Malapit na naman ang Pasko. Malamig at mabango na ang simoy ng hangin basta wag lang umutot yung katabi mo sa bus. Hehe.

Heniway, wala namang kuneksyon ang post ko sa Christmas. Tungkol kasi ito sa tuff 10 wishes ko. Tutal nangangarap eh lubus-lubusin ko na din. Pagbibigyan nyo na ako hehe:

1. Gusto kong magkaroon ng sariling mcdo sa loon ng aking bahay na parang si Richie Rich. Kapag nagutom ako eh punta lang ako sa counter at sabihin ko lang ang gusto ko. At dahil sa akin yung mcdo na yun eh lahat libre! Gudlak na lang sa fats! Haha!

2. Nung bata ako eh wish kong makasakay ng heyrpleyn. At dahil medyo nagsawa na ako sa pagsakay (hangyabang lang! Haha) eh gusto ko namang ako ang maging piloto! Kaya pinag-iipunan ko na yung angeles flying iskul, kasama dito Sinai roanne at ahmer. Di na nga ako kumakain para lang may pambayad. Lol!

3. Heto medyo seryoso. Gusto kong magkaroon ng gasoline business. Parang anlaki kasi ng kita at tipong di ka malulugi given na maganda ang location. Lahat naman kasi ng sasakyan eh pinapatakbo mg gasolina kaya kelangan ka nila. Ikalawa dyan eh isang resto business. Alam nyo naman na pinalaki ako sa kusina kaya malapit ako sa pagkain. Hehe

3. Wish kong maka-apak sa New York pero as a tourist lang. Gusto kong akyatin ang empire state at kumanta ng "New York! Kangkong kangkong garlic tomato!" haha. Gusto ko ding mag-piktyur sa may isteychu op liberty.

4. Gusto ko ding pumunta ng Japan pag spring na. Parang hangganda kasi pag namulaklak na ang mga cherry blossoms with matching nagbibiskleta ako dun sa park. Emo epek lang Haha!

5. Wish kong i-spoil ang mga bulilit kong mga pamangkjn sa mga bagay na di ko naranasan nung ako eh bata pa. Lumaki kasi ako sa hirap at ngayong medyo nakaluwag-luwag ng konti eh gusto ko silang tulungan. Ayokong hindi nila ma-enjoy ang kabataan nila at makapag-aral da magandang iskul at hindi dun sa isang public school kung saan alo nag-aral at kapos gamit gaya libro.

6. Wish ko eh mai-tour ko peyrents ko kahit dito man lang sa Asia. Kaya sa mga mabubuting tao dyan na pwede kaming patirahin eh maawa kayo para naman libre na ang accomodation. Lol! Pwede na siguro sa Ho Chi Minh, Singapore o Macau. Itext nyo lang ako sa 0917-andypog kung ok lang. Grabe nagkalat pala kayo at pwedeng-pwede ko kayong bisitahin anytime, basta aampunin nyo ako. haha!

7. Gusto kong makapag-work na sa ibang bansa at mag-join sa OFW club. Hehehe.

8. Macbook pro. Enough said. :-)

9. Masaya na ako kung magkakaroon ako ng entertainment showcase. Isang 42" LED (ayoko na ng LCD) TV, Bose 6.1 surround sound system at 5 lazy boy chairs. Haha!

10. At higit sa lahat, nakahanda na ang singsing, wala nga lang mapangasawa. Lol!

O diba, simpleng-simple lang ang mga wish ko s buhay at sana isa man lang dyan eh matupad ko na kahit di man ngayon eh next year. :-)

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Friday, October 1, 2010


This is an answer to Ahmer's post Imagine- asking if man would be better without religion.

I would disagree that mankind would be better if we don't have any religion. We all know that there are lots of controversies that the Church is facing, I believe that we still have faith intact.

Think of the positive side and not the negative, I know you're an eternal optimist. Our religion honed our faith and taught us to praise Him in whatever we do. Our religion taught us to pray if we need or to thank Him . Our religion taught us the wisdom to what is right from what is wrong. Our religion gave us the avenue to communicate with Him.

Now, come to consequences if we don't have the religion which is the most foundation of our morality. Would you think that burglary, rape, lust, cheating, and others are sins? Would you still be alive if killing is not against on the will of God? Whom would you call if we are seeking intervention on the impossible?

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

Don't blame our Church nor our religion. God gave us life and freedom but we exploited it.