Sunday, October 24, 2010


"You're going to send him to college in Manila? Baka magbubulakbol lang yan! Magsasayang lang tayo ng pera sa kanya."

I was hurt. It's more painful to hear that statement coming from my dad. He didn't believe in my capacity, he compared me to my younger brother who is the intelligent one. My mom just told me to ignore him and just to keep my moral on high grounds.

I was an underdog when I was in grade school and as well in my high school years, the mediocre perhaps. In the ranking, I was always on the bottom of the list. On the other hand, my brother was always on the honor roll during those days. He graduated with flying colors both in grade school and high school. I know I already did a great effort to belong on the top section and contented with that while watching my brother marching into the stage receiving a handful of medals. Envy, it's what I felt.

The day I left to the city, I was wearing a heavy heart. I was at the brink of crying.

First year came along, a little bit hard fighting the homesickness. Second year, still managing to juggle all my school requirements. Third year and fourth year came along as heavy as what I expected.

But in those 4 years of being far away from them, I made it to the point that my dad will be proud of me as will march with pride and honor on that baccalaureate event. I will try to change my image as a dumb ass, lame and laid back student from his eyes.

That day came. I was wearing that glorious red toga with satisfaction. At last, they can now breathe that I was able to finish my college on time.

But that was not only my surprise for them. Yes, it was only that day that they have known of my "surprise."

And my dad hugged me so tight for the first time, teary eyed. It's not that I proved him wrong, I proved that I made it.


  1. dumadami na ang daddy posts ha. lol this is, of course very touching.

    ps ano yung second surprise?

  2. red toga?

    second child ka?

    i can feel its a second child syndrome's cry... i share the same sentiments... the not so loved child where you only have two options -> to rebel or prove to them that someday they'll be proud with the achievements.

  3. wow. maganda talang emancipation ang paggagradweytn nuh? ako, nag nine years sa college eh. hehe. :) pero nung natapos din, parang ang sarap lang ng pakiramdam. congrats naman for making your parents proud! :)

  4. i feel you bro, got the same case but not from my dad, it was my mom who always doubt me and compared me not to my siblings but to my cousins who got medals and all. Now, guess who is earning the most :D haha!

  5. @claudiopoi: hehe korek, masarap ang pakiramdam na sa lahat ng mga nangyari eh natapos din ang lahat. talaga 9 years? don't worry si yj eh 18 years. joke! haha!

    @artiemeous: same here, lagi akong kino-compare sa mga pamangkin nyang mayaman mula pagkabata. pero tignan mo nga naman kung umikot ang gulong ng buhay, we're earning more than them. haha! ;p

  6. @citybuoy: secret na lang yung surprise na yun. hehehe.

    @roanne: yeap red toga. :) anyway, alam ko yung second child syndrome na yan kasi kinukwento sa akin yan nung isa naming kabarkada. eldest pala ako

  7. idol. parang alam ko kung ano ang "surprise" na yan. :D

  8. haha, ano kaya yung surprise na yun? :)

  9. maybe he was just trying to challenge you at hindi para saktan ka. kitams it paid off! congrats on making your daddy proud! :D

  10. @scud: hmmm ano? sikretong malufet yun - isang batang bulilit. lol!

    @glentot: hayup, parang katumbas lang ng "i like the structure" ang comment mo. haha

    @Will: hayun sinabi ko na sa taas. hehe *turo sa taas*

    @kuri: maybe pero mas madalas kasi na parang wala syang bilib sa akin. :)

  11. Nice post, seeing everything paid off and qknowing that your parents are proud of you may be one of the best thing in the world. But it left me wondering, did you do it for your dad or for yourself?


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