Friday, October 22, 2010

Tablet War

Gone are the days when the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word tablet is either the med or the tablet was used in The Ten Commandments.
This generation, the imagination of geniuses err... clever peeps... is unending. Thus, we have these new so-called tablets.

First, there was Apple iPad. Sleek. Accelerometer and touch screen features are par excellence.

Other computer companies envied the new tech baby, thus they came out with their own iPad-killers:

The controversial Blackberry Playbook. This new baby of Research in Motion believed that this gadget won't be as successful as the iPad.

Then there's the Galaxy Tab, Samsung's bigger version of their Galaxy mobile - same as the iPhone and the iPad tandem, but unlike Apple's sexy babies, Galaxy have both phone functionality (not that skype, yahoo calls).

And here's the latest and I am really drooling for it. No, I'm not bias just because I am working with Hewlett-Packard. This new hottie is really an eye-candy. Ok fine, I'm getting bias already. But what the heck, this tablet is superb! Multi-tasking, fully powered by Windows 7 (good thing that they didn't embed or made the Palm OS as the operating system - HP acquired Palm this year), camera, it's a laptop that you can hold and operate with just one hand. Powerful eh?

Now, I am sacking my Mac dream which I stated on my previous post. I am looking forward to buy this one in the future. Good thing, we have a good discount in purchasing HP products. :)


  1. I don't see a need for tablets. My good ol' laptop is still reliable, and if I wanna read books, well I still have a lot of unread ones in my shelf. Pero kung may magbibigay, hehe OK din.

  2. wow ang gaganda...sana may magbigay sa akin! yung HP din gusto ko,hihihi

    pero db nalalagyan din ng simcard ang iPad? sowee at wala akong masyadong alam sa mga techy gadget at mobile ko nga eh text at tawag lang ang nagagawa,hihihihi

  3. MANSANAS forever!!!!

    go for the apple! :) but think twice in buying the iPAD...

  4. ooh i kinda want one too. ayoko ng ipad. it seems like such a status symbol since u can't really do a lot but that HP thing sure looks tempting!

  5. @gas: yeap, it's not a need. more of a want. hehe.

    @pokwang: too bad, for enterprise lang sya. hindi *pa* irerelease for the the consumer group. pwedeng lagyan yung iPad ng micro sim pero walang call features, 3G web browsing lang. hehe

  6. @roanne: i love mansanas pero honga, parang di sulit yung iPad! :D

    @neil: hehe korek ka dyan! pero why not kung merong magbibigay di ba gaya ng sabi ni @gasdude?


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