Thursday, October 14, 2010


I was busy browsing my Facebook account when one of my classmates buzzed me. We asked each other how we are and where we have been.

I learned that he's been part of the academe since we graduated college. See? It's only now that I knew of his job, poor boy Andy. He's been teaching in our high school alma mater for a couple of years already.

We exchanged stories on our own stuff and talked about our classmates. He told me also that a quite number of our class already left to search for greener pastures abroad. Some went to the Middle East to pursue their engineering profession, to the Europe and to the Americas as nurses, but most of us stayed here in the country. Some already got married, some are not but already have children. Some are still unemployed and just accept remittances from their parents working overseas.

Well, we are already far from what we were before but I can still remember the vivid memories of these great years. We cut classes because we don't want to attend our chemistry or English class and would rather take a dip on the river behind our school. A day after, all of us were summoned to the guidance counselor's office. We ate isaw on the peddler who stand just outside the school gate without worrying of any disease we might catch. Those were the great and carefree days.

an evidence of our "cutting classes" days

I'm wondering now if my classmates already achieved their dreams same as what was written in the epilogue of our yearbook. Most of us wanted to go abroad and work and I know that some of them did.

A month from this date, we will be having this alumni homecoming and my classmate is asking me to come. I'm not sure I'll be joining but I guess, this will be so much fun to reconnect with the folks that once became a part of my life.


  1. That would be great! we will also be having our alumni homecoming comes December... I can't wait to be updated with all my batch mates as well...

  2. maghanap ka na ng pasabog na outfit. LOL

  3. masaya yan, makikita mo na mga crushes mo ng HS at kung ano na mga itsura nila ngayon : D

  4. naku masaya yan :d kami rin sa December meron... Siguradong hindi matatapos ang kwentuhan niyan kahit paulit-ulit :))

  5. i'm always excited to attend reunions, especially academe-related. HS is a time of our life that really marked mixed memories. punta ka na. one downside of having a reunion, those people who feels they are 'unsuccessful' usually shy away from the gathering. hindi sila magpaparamdam or they simply will ignore the event. sayang. kase reunion is all about uniting again.

  6. Buti pa non hindi ka mukhang perpetually stressed! LOL joke.

  7. despite naivety, masaya pa rin ang highschool, yun nga lang minsan may mga bagay na not worth remembering.


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