Friday, April 30, 2010


This is my mantra for a couple of days already.

When we started the last yet critical stages of our project, instead of frowning, I stayed very optimistic on it. In that way, I'm sure I'll stay on track and gain more good vibes.

True enough that during these days, I received good news and positive results aside from a pat on the back and a high five from my officemates.

First, two of my close friends received a job offer. One of them will pursue his career on the academe. I know that he will become a good and well-respected professor because he's competent yet humble person. The other one will be working with one of the telecommunication giants in the country. Good enough for him to stay in the city instead of going home in CDO and burn his ass off.

Moving on to the other good news, green is the new red in our project. We are already on-track and it means we're closer to finally closing the project. Aside from that, I gained friends which I don't even know how they look like because of the project. We just interact through emails and chats. A simple smiley and a "thank you, mwahugs" included in the message closes the gap between the status of friendship and colleagues.

Third, my dad got involved (again) in a road accident last Thursday. According to my mom, one of her friends told her that dad was soooo drunk and drove to Pagudpud on his motorcycle alone. No one knows where the accident happened because my dad can't even recall due to excessive drunkenness. We can't even contact those people who helped him and brought him home safe. Thank God that he only got minor injuries like scratch on his legs and arms. I don't know what churns up his mind when he's drunk. Actually, this is his fifth accident because of driving under the influence of alcohol.

I hope before the week ends, I will receive better news.

Now I realized that nothing really happens if I stay negative because of stress and the likes. That's why I want to tell you that despite of the all the negativities that surround us, don't get yourself too much affected and stay positive instead. Grab all those good vibes and you will attract affirmative results.


  1. i like the last paragraph esp dis line "don' get yourself too much affected and stay positive instead" Hays if only people keeping a positive attitude then there's no pain and hurt which i feel as deep as it real right now. Sigh'
    Nice to know your Dad is okay.

  2. Tsk tsk you better sit down and talk to your dad, drunk driving is a serious thing, dangerous not just to himself but others as well... Glad to know he's OK

  3. They say optimism attracts good vibes and also good for the heart. Stay positive buddy! Hindi sa HIV ha, corny ko mothafuckin' shit! Kill me now! LOL

  4. happy ur doin well... stay great my friend!

  5. law of attraction..ahahahaha. oo good vibes stay optimmistic andy.

  6. ingles-an?! nakaamoy ba ng rugby ang mga bloggers dito?! ok try ko rin: y'know what? u-huh. --

  7. Ahahahahhahahahah naku naalala ko tuloy aksidente sa motor dahil lasing kami... jijijijijiji


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