Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"What coffee do you want so I can order while waiting?" I asked you through text.

"Mocha caramel would be nice," you replied.

"Ok, I'll get you one hot cup since it's raining outside?" I asked again.

"Sure! I'll be there in 10 minutes…"

I am shaking this early afternoon. The mix of emotions is fleeting that I cannot cast a single sane thought.

This is it. After months of waiting, I can now see you face-to-face. I long to see you on this day, your smile, your voice, your eyes, your hands holding mine, you're everything, I want them to witness before me.

"I'm already here at the ground floor. I'll be there in a few. I'm so excited to see you and hug you finally."

My heart skipped a beat. My face turned red and I can feel the blood rush from my heart to my veins. I'm so clueless how things will turn out once you see me.

"Okay. I'm excited too but also afraid a bit. I don't know how you will react if you see me. I'll remove my glasses so I won't see you coming and if ever you'll get disappointed, you can run away…" I told you.

Hence, I removed my eyeglasses as what I told you. I am shivering and sweating. I am praying that hopefully everything will be right. I flew to Manila last night to see you and just in time as visit the city for a business trip. Like what I promised to you, I'll try to cross oceans and continents only to be with you, because you complete my other half.

"Hey, andito na ko." I looked at the person in front of me. There I saw you smiling and your arms wide open waiting for a hug.

I threw my arms toward you and hugged you tightly. This is what I wanted to feel. And finally, I whispered in your right ear, "Mahal na mahal po kita, buti dumating ka na…"

Starbucks EDSA Shangri-La. June 6, 2009.

I chanced upon my defunct blog and saw this post that I didn't publish because I wasn't brave enough to do. I can still remember that day where I felt I was the happiest man on earth. And without any clue, all our hopes and dreams will be shattered in just few days…

HOWEVER, as I read this post, though I can still remember you, the feeling I have before is now forgotten. I already started a clean slate and I am thankful that I found someone who completes me.


  1. Sige lokohin mo sarili mo that you did find someone...Someone that will complete the other half that was gone broken... Chos!

    Kasi naman kelangan pang halukayin yang old post mo eh, I hope you will be very happy this time buddy.

    So since you have found a new love life pano nyan, kame nalang nila Random Student mag iinuman next week may love life ka na busy mode na :-D

  2. Ay inlababo ng tunay, sama ka kasi ng sama kay Jepoy ayan cheesy ka na mamaya tutubuan ka na ng pabrika ng keso hehehehe

  3. sometimes we need little things like that to remind us how far we've come as lovers and people in general.

    i commend you for the strength it took to post this. (wow ang emo ng comment ko)

  4. Naks! naku dapat kinakalimutan na yan... Nung iniwan ako dahil nagpakasal siya sa iba kala ko di na ako makaget over... yun pala... akala ko lang yun... jejejejejejejejeje

  5. sabi nga nila...

    Life is like riding a bicycle... in order to maintain balance you have to keep moving on...

    so tama na rin namang nakahanap ka ng someone :)

  6. Teka pinapaniwala mo ba kami o yung sarili mo!hehhee

    Pero kung ano man yan,okay na rin kasi everybody's happy!

    Ingat parekoy!

  7. Naks! I think I'm in Love by Lea Salonga ba Theme song ng Post na to? Hehe
    Now that you have found the missing piece. Hope it fits naturally. Goodluck!

  8. makasaysayan pala yang starbucks na yan sa Shang ha...hehe.

    glad to know that you still remember him but the feeling is gone,,,,,meaning, you have finally moved on ...and Im happy for you....that's how it should be, just keep walking.....I hope this time its for keeps


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