Sunday, June 6, 2010


My work schedule lately was one of the things that I didn't expect nor wished to come. Spending most of my time in the office is a hell though I don't regret on it.

That's why when I saw that I will have a 2 weekends for me to get offline, I grabbed the opportunity. I literally plugged off my computer and didn't bother to open my email. Hello, can I have my me-time as well?

Two weekends away from keyboard = two uncover weekends. It was a blast! And it became more memorable when some confessions made (well, that's another story. Haha)

Anyway, this is just an "alis-agiw" post this mid-year and I'm not sure if I can post more this month as my client is having the FYE kaya windang kaming lahat.

I'll be back for more.

P.S. Ahmer, Amae and I have a scheduled flight to Laoag this coming June 17-21. I expect that this will be another unsober getaway. Excited much with the surfing, I hope the weather will be on our side. :)


  1. nice surfing surfing na lang ah! Ang sports ng mga mayayaman!hahaha

    Ang ganda naman ng header mo, mukhang TAKOT NA TAKOT lang!LOLS


  2. Ang saya saya mo sa header mo habang tayong tayong ang nipolets mo LOL

  3. looks like you're all set. tama lang yan. a mix of the stressful and a mix of the fun. :D makes life balanced and stuff.

  4. that's how you do a complete detox!

    hope to see you back soon dude!

  5. Una kong nakita ang kahindik-hindik na header... Nice! Next time naka-trunks na lang hahaha

  6. naku---surfing na naman to to the max. mukhang madadagdagan yung mga pics. hehe

    sarap nga nun---2 weeks na wala lang, wala kang paki-alam sa mga emails mo and all. nakakasakit kasi sa ulo ang nasa harap ka lagi ng pc. for sure though, namiss mo klahit panu yung pacheck check ng email at pa-Fb Fb....


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