Sunday, June 27, 2010


Sometimes it leaves you bleeding.
Sometimes it gives you swollen cuts.
You can't barely walk after your first fall.
Waves come and go and they over power you and drag you to the shore.

You will lost counting how many times you fall. But the best part is you will be more eager to stand up and try again.

The more you bleed, the stronger you become. The more you get hurt, the more you want to face the bigger challenge.

And yes, after a few more try, I am able to stand up and able to ride the challenge.

I'm beginning to love this sport. Try it for yourself and enjoy the ride! Laoag is just an hour away from Manila by plane or when you opt to travel by bus, it will take an overnight on the road so choose those Super de Luxe to make yourself comfortable. And from Laoag, take a bus or van from the city for a one and a half ride to Gaoa, Pagudpud (this is other one from Saud Beach) or just tell the driver to drop you at the unloading area going to blue lagoon.

Take a tricycle just waiting at the drop off point and tell the driver to take you at Wally's World Homestay.

For only p350/person, you'll get to enjoy a peaceful and adventurous retreat of Pagudpud. ;-)

Contact Wally @ +63 921 2752340 and just tell that I referred you to him (malay mo may discount. hehe). Wally also provides surfing lessons for beginners at P200-300 (inclusive of surf board).

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  1. ooh i loove surfing! i've only done it once but it totally changed my life. ang daming delicious metaphors like how you have to balance and hold on and not be afraid. basta enjoy ko siya!

  2. Hahahaha may poem pa sa unahan ah uma-Arvin ka na ngayon, poet! At yung tong-uts mo talaga kahit malayo kita pa rin hehehehe KUDOS!

    Kainggit naman gusto ko rin magsurf...

  3. ayokong mag surf hindi ako lumulutang sa surfboard i hate et!

  4. natawa ako dun sa comment ni Glen, ahah.
    Nagssurfer-surferan ka din pala.=p
    May surfing spots sa Zambales, Baler at La Union (asa blog ko hanapin mo hehehe).

  5. i always wanted to try that sport..

  6. gusto ko rin yan i-try pero mahal ata. di ako rich kid gaya ni

    ang ganda ng realization---related talaga sa activity. and it's true, staying safe is decaying. we humans are just not made to be like vegetables with a simple photosynthetic relationship with the sun.....keep surfin~~

  7. I feel the restraint in this post, Andy. You're happy and the waves don't even have anything to do with it. Hehe. :p

  8. Surfing Season na ba? Gusto ko bumalik ulet! : D

  9. looks like a lot of fun. I have extremely bad balance though. I can barely keep myself upright most of the time.

  10. Namiss ko po tuloy ang magsurf after reading your blog :) tama po si Oliver ( na friend kong kasakasama kong magsurfing hehe) try niyo din po yung ibang malalapit na surfing sites :D

  11. i just wanna ask kung ok ba dun sa wally's. wala kasi ako masyadong mahanap na post about him and his place. my friends and i are going to ilocos this april. we contacted him, at may reservation fee pa. we want to make sure though na totoo siya or di naman kami malulugi sa kanya. we asked for a pic of his place, wala daw siya mabigay kasi wala daw siyang camera phone, so mas nag-alinlangan tuloy kami. ok ba talaga siya? hope you can answer my query. thanks.

  12. Hi Marj, yes i recommend his place and i can vouch for him. in case you're making the reservations, ask him if he can give you the house beside the kubo so you won't share it with anyone else.



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