Friday, May 21, 2010


Today, I realized that I am no robot. The stress brought up by my personal problems, and somewhat lack of sleep and rest has already taken its toll. I broke down and feel so tired.

Around five o'clock this morning while in front of my laptop, I suddenly felt a sting pain on my chest while breathing. It's alarming that I cannot breathe a full air anymore. I ran to the pantry to drink water thinking that it would ease the pain, but it only made it worse.

I sat in front of the sink as I saw my officemate with blur sight. I thought I'm dying. I shed tear.

As minutes passed by, I can slowly feel relief in breathing. Sinus tach is the culprit as this has already happened to me last year. It's the fast palpitation of the heart as a result of exercise, excessive stress, anxiety and fatigue. But the chest pain, the weakening of my body and the abnormal breathing is not a good sign.

I know this is already the repercussions of taking too much of these anxieties and problems which is building up inside me which I need to take a rest and slow down a bit.

But I hope, this, too, shall pass.


  1. ang mga tumatanda nga naman...

    choz.... pagaling ka po.... hug kita.... muahz

  2. relax relax muna... ingats kaibigan!

  3. dahan dahan ka kasi minsan... chill... hehehehehhehehe

  4. `there's just too much the body can handle......learn to slow down and learn to look at the brighter side of life....

  5. dude, your blog header is awesome!

    stay sharp, but not too sharp..chillax a little man.

  6. oh dear. i hope u rest well. maybe a well timed VL is in order.

    oh and yeah, i agree with human bs. the new header is super cool!

  7. My own advice to myself when I think I will implode out of suppressed emtions? Throw a tantrum. A real big one.


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