Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Although I am already working in an IT company doing a technical job, believe it or not, I was a graduate of Corporate Communications. In layman's term, that's advertising and it was a major career change making both ends meet during those transition.

When I was in college, I foresee myself working in an advertising company like McCann, Leo Burnett, etc... I was exposed to TV then especially when our professors required us to watch the commercials instead of the regular television programs. These will be discussed on our next session talking about the creative idea and when it was aired and who owns that project, etc..

It was a great experience but very demanding. We have to scout to different tv networks to inquire for airing fee on various timeslots. And before we end the term, we need to come up with a great idea and squeezing our creative juices - a tri-media advertisement (TV, radio, and print) for a duct tape. It was hilarious but unfortunately, my professor didn't like it. haha!

Anyway, I was browsing on my facebook earlier and saw this very cute McDonald's commercial. Simple, catchy and funny. :)


  1. this is the cuteeeeeest ad! good vibes lang. :)

  2. my fave commercial again hehehe

  3. hehe
    dito ko palang to nakita
    salamat sa blog mo!

  4. happy easter, andy!

    new post na!


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