Thursday, March 24, 2011


It was a busy day but I managed to have a small talk with my officemate spending her last day in the office. I learned she's going home in the province for good and plans to work there.

"It was a tough decision. I have to weigh-in everything and have to give up lots of opportunities. I gave up a job waiting for me abroad and a high-paying job here in Manila," she told me when I asked what made her decide. "I just want to live the simple life unlike the very fast pace of metro leaving, I want to teach in a university in Bacolod and reunite with my family," she added.

I admire her courageousness – she gave up the opportunities here and to find out what's in store for her in the province.

On the other hand, this made me ponder on my plans. I asked myself if I should stick to the plan of going home once I have enough savings. I guess so. I guess not.

I'm pretty much sure that I will ask again myself with the same questions anytime soon.


  1. wow. very timely. relate na relate ako sa kaofcmate mo kuya. :)

  2. @nimmy: ambilis mag-comment! nag-eedit pa lang ako. hehehe. hay buti nga sa kanya, pwede na syang umuwi sa kanyang family..

  3. Naiisip ko din 'yan. Parang gusto ko na lang umuwi ng probinsiya, magtanim ng palay, at mag-alaga ng baboy at manok.

  4. oo uwi ka na sa province para mabawasan mga chuckie doll dito sa manila hahahahaha char!

  5. i admire her!! ang simple simple lang...pangarap ko din balang araw! hehehe

  6. I've been thinking of that lately, I'm not sure if God wants us to be simple and contented or soar higher than what we had alreadry achieved... Will He think less for us? Hindi siguro...

  7. a number of people can relate to this--and i can too in some respect...well, i just hope you and her a big goodluck!

  8. wow
    good for her
    very few people actually know what they want in life


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