Friday, March 4, 2011


This Q1 is more of a roller coaster ride. My work demanded more time than the usual but I am always happy for it.

There are also things that I have to be thankful for, things that I never imagined to achieve.

First, I already moved to a new condo near the office. I must say the place is nice and I felt at home from the time I stepped in here.

Next, the projects that lined up until Q3 are more exciting although I have a little chance of getting a business trip in here.

Third, I already received my first increase! Wooot!

And lastly, although it's not yet on my hand, a company somewhere in Eastwood is asking me to join them with of course twice (pero gusto ko thrice) of what I am receiving now plus more perks! At least I know now my market value. LOL! #yabangmuch. Sana nga kunin pa din nila ako.

Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying the blessings you received these first few months of the year and sana tuloy-tuloy to hanggang matapos ang taon. J


  1. wow! astig! ikaw na achiever manong! hihi


  2. ikaw na ang taga barangay TUCTUCAN! bwahahahahaha

  3. @Nimmy: slight lang. lol!

    @YJ: putangina mo kahit magbago ka ng name, pangit ka pa din!

    @glentot: ampuki mo din! hahahaha!


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