Sunday, June 27, 2010


Sometimes it leaves you bleeding.
Sometimes it gives you swollen cuts.
You can't barely walk after your first fall.
Waves come and go and they over power you and drag you to the shore.

You will lost counting how many times you fall. But the best part is you will be more eager to stand up and try again.

The more you bleed, the stronger you become. The more you get hurt, the more you want to face the bigger challenge.

And yes, after a few more try, I am able to stand up and able to ride the challenge.

I'm beginning to love this sport. Try it for yourself and enjoy the ride! Laoag is just an hour away from Manila by plane or when you opt to travel by bus, it will take an overnight on the road so choose those Super de Luxe to make yourself comfortable. And from Laoag, take a bus or van from the city for a one and a half ride to Gaoa, Pagudpud (this is other one from Saud Beach) or just tell the driver to drop you at the unloading area going to blue lagoon.

Take a tricycle just waiting at the drop off point and tell the driver to take you at Wally's World Homestay.

For only p350/person, you'll get to enjoy a peaceful and adventurous retreat of Pagudpud. ;-)

Contact Wally @ +63 921 2752340 and just tell that I referred you to him (malay mo may discount. hehe). Wally also provides surfing lessons for beginners at P200-300 (inclusive of surf board).

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Thursday, June 17, 2010


I was on my way to office on that early afternoon of Tuesday when Edsel (Kuya Chinggoy) called me confirming if I can go this Saturday (excited much?) on the soft-opening of his new coffee-resto shop. I confirmed that I will but not sure though of the time because of some work concerns. But to be honest, I am excited too about the event, food-tasting, a few chit-chats with friends and time to be introduced with new faces.

Come Saturday, as we stepped on Edsel's coffee shop, he greeted Ahmer and I with his wide smile (sales person na sales person ang dating! hehe). Anyway, he asked us immediately what we want- drinks or food. The temperature outside is so hot so we dig into some refreshments:

Mocha Frappucino :)

Sinfully refreshing!

Pandan de Nata! Deadly!

Pandan tea with nata on top is a must! I really recommend this one! The sweet taste the pandan and the twist of nata is a deady (and perfect) combination!

I thought that the café is only a coffee shop until Edsel asked if we're hungry already and then the staffs presented to us this bunch of mouth watering dishes J

Dory fish fillet (My favorite!)

Fried Chicken Fillet

Breaded porkchop

Mongolian Rice

Lumpiang Sariwa (must try too!)

Everybody's favorite - SISIG!!!

Chicken Teriyaki

You may think that the foods they serve are pricey but looking on the menu board, it's very affordable and fits within the budget comparing with other cafes. Their fraps also are almost half the price with Starbucks and Coffee Bean but have the same quality and taste!

menu board

With the added personal touch from the owner and staffs, you'll surely enjoy your stay in Kaffe Razzo. :)

the Kaffe Razzo Family

kung ang Jollibee at Mcdo ay may mascot, meron din sila! LOL!

Kaming mga PG na pinakain. haha!

Trivia: The store's name Kaffe Razzo is derived from its small space but cozy enough to enjoy the food and share stories with your friends and families.
Pahabol! Kaffe Razzo can be found between UERM and Caltex Station along Aurora Blvd. Limang tumbling, dalawang cartwheel and isang somersault lang ang layo nya from SM Sta. Mesa. :)

Thanks Edsel for the invitation! Hanggang sa uulitin! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010


My work schedule lately was one of the things that I didn't expect nor wished to come. Spending most of my time in the office is a hell though I don't regret on it.

That's why when I saw that I will have a 2 weekends for me to get offline, I grabbed the opportunity. I literally plugged off my computer and didn't bother to open my email. Hello, can I have my me-time as well?

Two weekends away from keyboard = two uncover weekends. It was a blast! And it became more memorable when some confessions made (well, that's another story. Haha)

Anyway, this is just an "alis-agiw" post this mid-year and I'm not sure if I can post more this month as my client is having the FYE kaya windang kaming lahat.

I'll be back for more.

P.S. Ahmer, Amae and I have a scheduled flight to Laoag this coming June 17-21. I expect that this will be another unsober getaway. Excited much with the surfing, I hope the weather will be on our side. :)