Saturday, December 4, 2010


I'm getting forgetful already especially with my eyeglasses. I am not so sure why I always remember where I put my keys but not with my glasses.

Every time I go out of the bathroom, expect me looking for my spectacles. Minsan nakakalimutan ko na nasa loob pala ng banyo, or placed it in front of the tv, or on left it on my bed.

Earlier, when I'm finished freshening up before hitting the bed, I was looking again for my eyeglasses. It's nowhere to be found to the locations where I usually put it.

I gave up, probably it's just there sitting around and I'll just look for it tomorrow.

Then I opened the fridge and my spectacles were there sitting on the eggs. Damn, sign of aging!


  1. sometimes, lack of sleep and too much work.
    give yourself a break.

  2. para ka lang nanay ko...hanap ng hanap..nambintang na sa iba...nasa ulo nya pala! hmp!!


  3. Fridge? LOL! I can relate. I keep on forgetting my keys inside my room, and I'd only remember after I lock it. So far I've hired a locksmith twice.

  4. @ahmer: sige po tay, matutulog na ako ng maaga. hahaha!

    @pokwang: nagawa ko na din yan, napagbintangan ko na nga din kapatid ko eh. lol!

    @kermit: kelangan mo na daw kasi ng sustagen premium. bwahahahaha!


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