Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a time to give back project

Hi guys! Christmas is yet again coming so fast and probably some of you are already saving for your Noche Buena.

But hey, I am thinking of this nice…err… great idea which was suggested by my tito when I went home a couple of months ago! He wanted to celebrate his birthday by giving some Jollibee kids meal to some indigents of this small and neglected town of Adams in Ilocos Norte (I know some of you already know that I'm an Ilocano). However, due to time and budget constraints, his plan wasn't pushed through.

Just to give you a background, I visited once this town wherein I saw how simple yet hard their life is. Most of them farm to earn for a living. I am not surprised to learn that these kids only know Jollibee from the television but never even tasted a single piece of chickenjoy.

This year, I want to start something not only for myself but also for these kids who are somewhat deprived. I was thinking of instead spending my earnings with partying or for leisure, I will just put them into this project. Thus, I plan to have something like feeding program, something like "A Time to Give Back" project. I am only thinking now of a big budget for this event. I want this plan to materialize and I want to let kids show that they are not deprived. I can already imagine the smiles of these kids on that date of the event.
With this, I am thinking if I could pull some help from you guys for this project. I know some of you are striving hard to earn but a small amount will give these kids a memorable day they won't probably forget. I would be gladly and very thankful for any donations or monetary amount to be pledged.

For more information or for pledges, please contact us at via email at or (Amae, my co-organizer).

We will be accepting pledges until the 18th of December. To those who want to stay anonymous, you can deposit on my bank account which is dedicated for this project:

Bank of the Philippine Islands
Victor Rafael Dugay
SA# 1029-0336-72

Thanks guys in advance. J

PS: I am inviting you as well if you want to join us on that date. You can stay in our house basta sa inyo ang pamasahe. Hehehe. Peace! J

“Three keys to more abundant living: caring about others, daring for others, sharing with others.” -William Arthur Ward


  1. Nakonsensya ka na ba sa kasamaan mo na hinasik mo sa mundo.

  2. wow, ikaw na! :)

    pero seriously, nice idea. we do this every year in our neighborhood. meron kaming christmas party, and we invite the kids around for spameti and parlor games, courtesy of my parents. syempre pa, ako lagi yung host. magaan ang pakiramdam, andy, or rafael? haha :D

    all the best sa project na to!

  3. Wow, sana may work na ako para makapag-contribute ako kahit papano.

  4. okay huwag na huwag ka ng sasama sa mga parties na i-o-organize ko ha....

    karirin mo yang eksena mong yan!

    artista? bwahahahahaha

    pero sige magpe pledge ako para sa mga batang yagit na yan...

  5. @glentot: haha ansama mo talaga. sige na ha? mag-share ka na din ng blessing mo. hehe

    @claudio: thanks! rafael yung real name ko.

    @will: hehe thanks na din. if you have extra clothes or toys to share eh i will appreciate it. :)

    @Yj: nyahahaha! nanlait ka pa. hmpf! :)

  6. wow galing naman! sana mangyari yung plan nyo..sarap sa pakiramdam yan!

  7. kelan ba yan sama ako dyan : D

  8. @pokw4ng: Thanks ate powkie! mag-pledge na din kayo ni paparazzi! :D

  9. @ahmer: one of these dates: Dec 22, 23 or 24.

  10. sana earlier para makasama ko... promise sasama ko... re-sked na please

  11. @ro anne: anong date ka ok? tignan natin kung ma-resched.

  12. parang ang sarap sumama. wala naman ako ng before christmas sa pinas. :(

  13. @dyowel: naku sayang naman, si roanne din gustong sumama kaso sayang, di abot ang flight nya. :(


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