Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It was already around 8ish when I arrived home. My usual buddies welcomed me, jumping and messing up the clothes I'm wearing. I'm wondering why they are only 3 - Tiger, Cocoy, and Ratzky. Tosky is missing.

"Nasan si Tosky?", I asked my mom.

"He's been missing for a 2 weeks already. We tried to find him but he's nowhere to be found.", she sighed.

I can still remember when I went home for the semestral break. I was still college freshman then. Although it's our first time to meet, he's been jumping on my luggage with his soiled feet. I was also frustrated for playing with my slippers, leaving it torn.

He's been with us for around 8 years. For those long years, he usually lie down beside me so I can scratch his belly when I'm home. He used to wake me up every morning – he goes to my room and licks my toes.

Earlier today, I was scanning the pictures on my old computer. I chanced upon his picture I took 5 years ago.
tosky when he was 3

We are not sure if he's still alive or not. But I am hoping wherever he is, May God be with him.

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  1. kakalungkot naman, gusto ko talaga ng mga aso, kasi ganun sila ka-loyal, kumpara sa mga pusa na parang walang pakialam sa mundo.

  2. @will: kung alam mo lang, sila na ang mga bagong anak ni mommy. loyal kung loyal, maaasahan talaga sila. get one na :)

    @ahmer: oo, lahat sila ay askal. pati yung si cocoy na dachshund eh asal askal na din. hehe

  3. Gusto kong magcomment ng matino kaso hindi bagay sa akin. Bwahahaha.

    Baka kasi dinilaan nya yung toes mo nalason sya o kaya nagsisi sya nagpakamatay sya sa kahihiyan.

  4. awww. i miss our dog Head. Gumagala kasi yung ng kung saan-saan. Tas nalaman na lang namin kinatay at gnawang pulutan. :-(

  5. awwwwwwwwww. sana nasa magandang lugar sya :)

  6. ahaha.. danh kulet ng glentot na to ah.. pero baka nga nagkaganun.. charing!!

    kakalungkot naman..yung aso naman namin, namatay na. lapit kasi ng lapit sa mga asong dugyot..

  7. di ako mahilig sa so lalo na pag ang aso eh maharot=( pero lab ko yung labrador ng amo ko kasi tahimik lang sya,hihihi

  8. dog meat. sad to say that's how dogs end up when unattended. recently 70+ dogs were rounded up in Batangas en route to central Luzon to be butchered. kaya buy-one-take-one burgers and affordable meals sa mga carinderia deserve a second look, er, taste.

  9. Naalala ko tuloy ung pet dog namin when I was a kid. There is really something with our pets that catches our heart. And when they are gone, nakakamiss din ang mga antics at presence nila.

    Nice blog napadaan lang.

  10. kakalungkot nmn,, sna makita nyo na xa...


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