Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Look Back to 2012

As I have put in my Facebook status, my highest ups and lowest lows happened in 2012. Nevertheless, it was a very great year.

Looking back to the year that was, it had a blast on the first until the third quarter. I had carried well my work-life balance; met new friends, reconnected with the old ones and lived every day to the fullest.

Highlight of my year was I had to travel alone in different destinations. Getting to see Eiffel light up in the dark sky was amazing. Getting to see the Alpine mountain and experience its chilly side was different. Watching the sun as it rose behind the Angkor Wat temple was stunning and swimming with the Badjao kids in Tawi-Tawi was a totally different experience.

However, every up have its lows. The last quarter of this year was a big blow to me. Personal problems came in and I was almost shattered. Morale was very down during those times that I had to take a month-long leave to recuperate back. Plus one more punch in my career just when the year was about to end.

But still, I am very thankful for a very wonderful year. Everything that happened was an eye-opener in every aspect of my individuality.

Being an optimist, I can see 2013 will be a lot better than 2012. I have learned a lot last year and at least I gained more wisdom for my decision makings this time!

Happy New Year! 

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  1. Happy new year, Andy! good to be an optimist. Let's see more positive EVERYTHING in this year of the snake ;)


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