Monday, February 20, 2012

Mis/adventures I

BEING THE SPONTANEOUS type of person, I enjoy trips that aren’t planned- I mean no itineraries, no hotel reservations, just good pair of walking shorts and shoes, plaid shirt and a backpack filled with light clothes, I am ok. I already did this once at the Cubao terminal station and played "eenie-minnie-moe" on which bus to take me somewhere far.

This time, I'm taking it to another level. It will be more adventurous and fun. Well, I am less afraid of something happening to me rather than nothing at all that’s why I do this kind of stuff.

Last February 12, I woke up very early in the morning to meet ahmer at the airport and catch our 6AM flight. We decided to go to Legazpi City without any plans at all. With a few bucks from his and my savings, we braved of going there and let the province surprise us. It was a gloomy morning but no chance of heavy downpour. Once we got ourselves at the airport, we checked-in and waited at the boarding gate. 

After an hour of sitting and observing fellow passengers at departure area, the attendants finally announced the boarding. We lined up on the bridge, searched for our assigned seats and buckled-up our seatbelts. We’re ready to fly but anxious of what’s in store for us upon arrival.

The plane already ramped into the runway and waiting for clearance. We can already hear the engines roar but wondering why it’s taking too long to blast to its full speed.

Then the engine died. 

In a brief moment, the captain spoke  telling everybody that flight is cancelled due to bad weather at the destination. His voice was a bit disappointed and sympathetic to the passengers who need to go home.

We were instructed that we need to get back to the terminal and have our tickets rebooked. We retrieved our backpacks, walked back to the terminal building and queued up again to wait for the next available flight and for this time, Naga City.

We kept ourselves cool, we just thought of departing that afternoon once the weather progresses.

What we don’t know, a new misadventure awaits.


  1. at least you were not alone. maloloka ako if i were in this situation at mag-isa. haggard.

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  2. waaaa! im not as brave as you guys!

  3. @Ipe: yeap. good thing may kadamay at pwedeng utangan para may makain habang stranded. haha!

    @mac: you should try, it's fun! :)


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