Sunday, February 6, 2011


Would it be so nice when your ex-girlfriend becomes your confidant?

We decided to separate ways 2 years ago when our future as a couple was blurring. Of course there were bitterness and lies and hurting and tears yet we didn't wallow much into that. We avoided running wallops into each other and embraced the reality of our new status.

We didn't have any communication after the breakup. I did not even have any news about her since I was not able to talk with her siblings.
Years came by. On one Saturday evening, I saw her in our favorite restaurant. We frequent that place since we both love their past. She's with another guy and I'm with my date.

We smiled and wave into each other, we even shared the table. Time heals all wounds as what they say.

Since then, we kept our communication open. I would text her and she would reply. She would call me and I answer. We also learned that we both went into turmoil of rebound relationships and left broken. 
There's no malice on what we are doing now. In fact, we became good friends, confidant to be exact.

Sometimes she would ask me questions on why we get separated then we will both laugh on the reasons. One time she would call me crying because she and her hubby had a fight. She would text me in the morning to ask on how I will celebrate this and that.

I ask her out, too, if she would like to have lunch or dinner. I would also inform her that I had another "flavor of the month" and she dumped me.

We are much enjoying what we have now. We've been more open to things that we cannot discuss when we were together.

I guess that's what life is – people come over to our lives, some will go, then some will come again with a different purpose.


  1. awww thats tough... kaya dapat talaga in those times na kayo pa eh pagusapan na ang lahat dapat pagusapan at ibigay ang lahat dapat ibigay pero sabi nga nila naman there's always better sa ano man ang nawala sayo...=)

  2. wow this inspires me.. sana maging ganito kami balang araw...

  3. Flavor of the Month talaga? Magtino ka na kasi, tama na ang paglalandi. LOL!

    On a serious note, I'm not good at maintaining friendships with my exes.

  4. This doesn't happen quite often... I guess you are lucky !

  5. wow..that's a cute story..
    gave me some hope..haha..kidding..
    but really, people dont 'come and go'...the role just changes.. :D

    nice blog btw. ^^


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