Saturday, January 1, 2011

a time to give back (a year-end post)

I was midway finishing my year-end post when I scrapped the whole idea. I realized that I don't have to list down all the reasons why I should be grateful this year. Instead, I want to thank my friends whom I owe a lot for sharing their blessings to the kids and for giving as well the so much effort to make this project a success. Saludo ako sa inyo!

In 2010, life has been tough to some. Nevertheless, they didn't forget to give back which I really appreciate a lot. I really don't know how to pay you back but I hope that as you see the smiles painted on the faces of these kids, this is enough to melt our hearts. 

I made a simple slideshow of the pictures taken during the event.

Happy New Year! May God bless us!

Thank you also to the following good samaritans who helped us organize the project: Serdna Tunac, Grace Torqueza, Paul Acupan, Clifford Dumlao, Ella Castro and to the teachers of DSWD Day Care Center in Adams, Ilocos Norte.


  1. aaaaaaaaaaw.... pasensiya na ha, pinagdudahan ko nung una ang intentions mo... kasi naman yang mukha mo, di talaga pagkakatiwalaan...

    ahahahaha... char...

    happy new year Andy... alam kong sobra sobrang blessings pa ang ipagkakaloob sayo ni Papa Jesus kasi ang bait bait mo... :))

  2. naks! simple outreach pero a great way to start the year 2011 err to end the year 2010... Happy new year Andy!

  3. NAKS naman.

    happy new year andy dugay! :)

  4. woooohooooo! ang shala naman!

    musta meja noche kuya? :D

  5. it is always nice to give back

    happy 2011, andy!!!


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